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Security Systems


In the realm of security for your cart, there is very little available.  There is a "club" device for immobilizing the steering wheel, which is in effect useless, cumbersome and more of a pain than anything.  And even if properly installed with the hook end on the steering wheel and other end on the brake pedal, it can be knocked off.  There are some odd, and expensive accelerator block boxes that are also more of a pain than anything else.  There are wheel boots that take forever to put on and take off.  There is an electrical interface our there that costs a mint.  Fact is, nobody made a good system to secure the cart against those who'd steal or just take for an unauthorized joyride for a reasonable price.....until now.  We here at, partnered with our parent company CaddyShack Golf Carts of GA, have got you covered.  And we've done it with the ease and simplicity that you use everyday to lock your car.  We have designed a system which you simply add a remote fob to your cart key and with one click, the cart won't go.  You could leave the key in it, still no go.  It is easy to install by just about anyone and just as effective as a starter kill in your car.  Your cart will have no power to move and all you do is click on to activate, click off to deactivate.  We have installed and are currently testing the system to insure the final product is rock solid.  The package will include the security system with remote, and the option to add more remotes.  We will create an installation instruction packet with clear, color photos for each model of cart offered.  It will be a simple install requiring a small amount of wiring and you'll have your cart protected.  At this time I can tell you that we have already tested the system on the Club Car Precedent and it is a success.  We are in process on the EZGO TXT carts as I write this.  The EZGO RXV is slightly more complicated and still in the R&D process but in the works.  We have a Yamaha kit in process as well! (I know you Yamaha guys get little love in the aftermarket of golf cart parts)  If you want more information, please feel free to contact us.  Otherwise check back here often, as when the kit becomes available it will be listed on this page!

The first systems have arrived!  The initial release will be for the EZGO RXV!  No other electronic security system for this cart is on the market to our knowledge.  The package includes the security module, two RF remotes and all needed wiring and installation parts.  It also comes with a full color install guide written in common english, no techy verbiage here!  An experienced handyman type could install this system in under 30 minutes.  Someone who is very methodical can do it in less than an hour!  This system COMPLETELY disables the EZGO RXV.  The computer controlled brake will not unlock unless you have the remote.  The system is being offered for an initial price of $199.  Everything, and we mean everything you need comes with it.  No one will take your cart out without having this remote.

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