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02-UP Club Car DS IQ Drive Cable kit 4x12V

02-UP Club Car DS IQ Drive Cable kit 4x12V

Club Car DS IQ set with 4x12 battery cables.  This is for those who have four 12 volt batteries

Club Car products that are 2012 or older have an OBC that your negative cable runs through.  This is a small plastic box that contains the brains of your charger, and tells it to turn on and off and how much amperage to flow.  If you still use the factory charger, you must route through this hole one way or another or your charger will not work properly.  We offer a couple solutions to this, but it is by request.  You need to let us know that you need to work with your OBC when ordering.  If you do not let us know, the kit will come already complete.  You will select the method at the item customization screen where you will also pick color, heat shrink type and lug materials.  Learn more here:

*Picture shows 6x8 but this is the 4x12 kit*


      PriceFrom $101.00
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