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We strive to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.  Over the last six years on eBay we have had at or almost 100% positive feedback score due to our high standards of service.  In the event that you should find your order incorrect or missing an item, please contact us immediately.  We will, at our discretion, refund or replace said items.  If you have questions regarding your product, or if you find yourself in need of assistance to install your products beyond the provided instructions, please don't hesitate to contact us!


If you are a Business and interested in purchasing our products in bulk, please email us with your needs.  Wholesale purchases are discounted based on volume of order.  Contact us for more information.


​- Credit / Debit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover)

- Offline Payments via Money Order, Certified checks, Cash, Credit Card over the phone

Returns and Cancellations

Customized orders are taken on all sets.  If you order a customized set, be it anything other than the stock setup of black cable, tinned lugs and normal heat shrink, then that set will incur a restock fee of 15% if you cancel or return the order. We are a small family owned business and customized order cancellations cost us money in materials that are now going to be sitting around waiting on someone else to order what you did.  Please make your selections carefully and if you have questions, ask them BEFORE you order.  Any and all returns will require you to pay for shipping back.  I really hate having a section like this, however it seems many people today think every seller has millions to waste on shipping products around the country only to take them back and eat the costs incurred.  Shipping is not free.  Shipping is set to a flat rate of $8 though it may cost us more than that to send your package.

All of these return fees are simply covering the monetary loss we incur when a buyer changes their mind.  These are not profits for us, and many times the small amount we charge doesn't even cover the costs we incur.  For example, a $100 order is $8 to ship it to you.  That $8 would be a net loss of 8% of the price from the start on a return.  If you change your mind and return the product, then we've spent $8 for nothing.  $8 doesn't seem like much, however if you have 100 people in a year decide to return product, then I've lost $800 on returned products and that is a lot.  I hate to have to include things like this on my site as I hate even having to have this policy.  But people today simply don't care if they cost others money.  In this age of Amazon and eBay where the buyer can shaft the seller and the seller can do nothing about it, people seem to think all sites should be that way.  And I simply will not tolerate losing money because someone changes their mind after ordering.  BE 100% SURE BEFORE YOU ORDER!

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