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Club Car High Speed Magnet for IQ drive systems with AMD motor
  • Club Car High Speed Magnet for IQ drive systems with AMD motor

    PLEASE READ EVERYTHING. There are different motors that take different parts and this doesn't work on Excel drive systems!  (Excel began in 2008 and became the only system available in 2014) The biggest difference in listings here is service.  Most sellers sell products with no service or support.  I spend the time to help the customer after the sale, to make sure you get the most of what you pay for and I don't ship via Donkey Train to save a buck like so many others do.  If your cart is only doing about 10 MPH then replacing this magnet is unlikely to help fix your issue, unless your issue is that the factory magnet came apart.


    This is a brand new magnet for increased speed on Club Car IQ 48V drive systems with AMD motor.  (Does not fit GE motors...see the last picture for a visual diagram to verify your model) This magnet will remove the regen braking feature and increase the top speed on your cart.  Top speeds vary based on cart and options, however I routinely see 20-22 MPH on 2004-2011 Club Car IQ Drive models with 6 inch lift kits and 23" Tires.  The lifted carts with larger tires will achieve and extra 1-3 MPH over stock tire sized carts.  This is because the larger tire slightly alters the rotational mass and speeds similar to the way that a performance ring gear set would.  I install these magnets on nearly every single cart I build, and since using these magnets I haven't wasted another dime paying Club Car to release Speed Setting 4 via the computer.  This magnet will give you the full potential to get the maximum speed from your cart in the most economical way!  The following is a very basic explanation of how they work;


    The magnet mounted inside the speed sensor pictured above measures rotations.  The stock magnet has 8 poles.  The aftermarket magnet only has 4 poles.  Having half the poles makes the electronics see half the rotations.  For every rotation the computer reads 1/2 a rotation.  This unlocks the true speed potential on your cart.  Theoretically, the speed you could achieve would far surpass the mechanical ability of the cart, but it would close to 40 MPH. (This is a theoretical mathematical calculation, and while there are some carts out there that will run that fast, it costs a great deal more than the few bucks these magnets cost to achieve it)


    I've sold hundreds on eBay and online forums and I support my customers!  Don't get taken by a seller who is selling epoxied magnets, and don't wait 3 weeks for a questionable quality magnet from China.....neither of which provide any support for you when you install it!  I will include a detailed sheet with instructions and COLOR pictures showing exact locations of the items and sizes of sockets/wrenches needed to do the job AND written in common mans English.  If needed I can provide technical assistance via email, and my email address will be included with your magnet.    I give free standard shipping via USPS First Class Mail, and will do expedited if needed. (USPS Priority Mail 1-3 day, or USPS Express next day for expedited packages)  This item is not a "speed chip" or "speed jumper harness" type of item.  The "speed chip" doesn't really exist for these!  There are some expensive electronic devices that modify programming and become "locked" to the cart they are on, (to the tune of $150 or more) and there are some "high speed" harnesses for some others. (A high speed harness is just a jumper plug)  High speed wire jumper harnesses have very little effect overall, trust me I tried them all.  I almost never have any issues with my magnets, however in the rare event that something goes wrong with yours (like a defect from the manufacturer) I will replace it immediately.  You can't get service this good anywhere else, especially not from those who ship Donkey Express to save a dollar and make you wait 4 more days!  If you have any questions, please email and ask.  Thanks!


    DOES NOT WORK ON EXCEL CARTS!  If your cart's serial number has PD, PH, PU, JE or PJ as the first two digits then this isn't for you! (There are other Excel system prefixes!  If you are unsure, please email me first!!!) If you have a cart newer than 2013 you should contact me for fitment details.  Most carts made in or after 2013 use newer Excel drive systems.  The magnet would fit, but it wouldn't do anything due to a change in the way the computer uses that information on those models. (At this time there is no cheap quick speed fix for the Excel model carts) NOT for GE motors. GE motors have a different style magnet that I also have available in another listing!  Your serial prefix MUST have a Q in the second position....for example, PQ11xxxxxx. The "Q" designates the IQ drive system.


    A recently received testimonial from a customer......."Thanks so much for the easy to read and follow instructions and pictures.  I was worried about being able to do this myself, however using the pictures and doing exactly what you wrote I was finished in 20 minutes and enjoying my faster cart.  Thanks for writing the instructions in simple terms anyone could understand, and not some technical hubub that reads like a theoretical physics textbook from MIT."

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