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EZGO TXT DCS Reverse Microswitch
  • EZGO TXT DCS Reverse Microswitch

    This is the Microswitch used by the DCS carts to select Forward or Reverse.  This listing is for the passenger's side switch, shown in the main photo as R.  This is for Reverse.  There is a separate part for forward and they are NOT interchangeable. 

    The reverse switch has become relatively rare as these carts were only made for 3 years.  Many suppliers require very large orders and it simply is not economical to purchase the required number.  I was able to secure a few hundred that the machine double stamped the arms on.  The arms still work perfectly, they just aren't perfectly shaped.  So if it looks a little off kilter, you know why.  This will NOT affect the functionality of the switch whatsoever..........guaranteed.  

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