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EZGO PDS 36V High Speed Magnet
  • EZGO PDS 36V High Speed Magnet

    PLEASE READ EVERYTHING. Its all explained below! 


    Don't get suckered into a speed harness, they have nearly no real effect over 17mph.  I am a golf cart technician who works on these carts everyday.  A speed harness (which there are 3 different ones based on color) is nothing more than a factory jumper set worth about 50 cents.  They cost a couple to a few dollars online , and you get about $1 worth of performance from them.  The fastest speed harness speed is 17.9 mph. The magnet is different, and you get the speed you are looking for with one!


    EZGO changed controllers in 2013 or so to the newer style Curtis units.  Those will not accept the magnet.  If you have a 48 volt TXT the only way to be 100% sure is to pop the cover off the controller and see which one is there.  In the pictures for this item, you can see a photo of the cover with the Run/Tow switch.  That is the cover you pop off to see the controller.  The next two photos show you the controller types.  The one with the white label on the top is the newer style.  It is built with a ribbed case.  The all black flat plastic one is the older style.  The older style is the one that works. (the photo of the controller that it work for shows a series style.  This is only for illustration of design of the case.  Does NOT work on series carts!)




    This auction is for a brand new magnet for increased speed on EZGO PDS drive systems.  This magnet will increase the top speed on your cart.  Top speeds vary based on cart condition and options.  (The speed you will achieve is based on your cart.  You might get a 15% increase, you might get a 25% increase or more.....ALL CARTS VARY)  If you use this magnet, I "highly" suggest upgrading your wiring to handle the increased heat that will come with the increased RPM.  I have other listings with cable sets for sale that will fit the PDS carts in 2 and 4 gauge.  If you don't change the wires to at least a 4 gauge then you could be risking excessive heat buildup that could lead to failure.  Even if you don't buy them from me, get them.  That is my recommendation as a technician. Below is a description of how it works.


    The magnet mounted inside the motor measures rotations.  The stock magnet has 8 poles.  The aftermarket magnet only has 2 poles.  Reducing the poles makes the electronics see fewer rotations.  For every rotation the computer reads 1/4 a rotation.  This unlocks the true speed potential on your cart.  Theoretically, the speed you could achieve would far surpass the mechanical ability of the cart, but it would close to 40 MPH. (This is a theoretical mathematical calculation, and while there are some carts out there that will run that fast, it costs a great deal more than the few bucks these magnets cost to achieve it)


    I'm one of the only people who sell this speed magnet for the PDS carts.   I've sold thousands of magnets here as well as on eBay and Amazon for multiple applications, and I support my customers! My Magnets are purchased from an American company, and manufactured when I order them right here in the good old USA.  Don't get taken by a seller who is selling broken and epoxied magnets, and don't wait 3 weeks or more for a questionable quality magnet from China.....neither of which provide any support for you when you install it!  I will include a sheet with installation instructions and pictures showing exact locations of the items and sizes of sockets/wrenches and/or other tools needed to do the job AND written in common man's English.  If needed I can provide technical assistance via email, my email address will be included with your magnet.  I give free standard shipping via USPS First Class Mail, and will do expedited if needed. (USPS Priority Mail and USPS Priority Express Overnight for expedited packages)  This item is not a "speed chip" type of item.  The "speed chip" doesn't really exist for these!  There are some expensive electronic devices that modify programming and become "locked" to the cart they are on, (to the tune of $150 or more) and there are some "high speed" harnesses for some others.  High speed wire jumper harnesses have very little effect on speed, as I tried them all and the best one available is equal to the slowest possible result with a magnet!  If you have any questions, please email and ask.  Thanks!


    Results achieved will depend on many factors, from the overall condition of the cart to the state of your batteries, front end alignment, tire pressure, windshield up or down, etc.  I am not claiming any speed number that you will get individually.  I have had customers who reported exceptionally high speeds, and others who gain 1-3 MPH.  Even if you only get 17-19 that's still an 18%+ speed increase over stock AND you are eliminating the motor braking feature so you aren't inhibited by the regen system.  Please keep that in mind.  If you want to get to some astronomical speed like 30MPH, you aren't going to get it for $38.  You'll be looking more like $1500+.  This magnet does NOT increase acceleration from dead stop.  It increases top end speed and removes automatic motor braking that irritate so many. 


    A testimonial from a customer......."Thanks so much for the easy to read and follow instructions and pictures.  I was worried about being able to do this myself, however using the pictures and doing exactly what you wrote I was finished in 20 minutes and enjoying my faster cart.  Thanks for writing the instructions in simple terms anyone could understand, and not some technical hubub that reads like a theoretical physics textbook from MIT."


    Now for the "legalese" part no one likes.  Unfortunately we have to post it due to the ambulance chasers out there.


    It is the buyer's responsibility to know and follow all laws and statutes for their area of residence.  That means you should review, understand and follow all Federal, State and local laws, statutes and ordinances regarding golf carts and their performance. We live in an absurdly litigious society these days where no one wants to be responsible for their own actions and the consequences thereof.  As such we must include the following:  Many vehicles are used for a variety of tasks beyond the original intended use of the vehicle; therefore, it is impossible to anticipate and warn against every possible combination of circumstances that may occur. No warnings can take the place of good common sense and prudent driving practices and good common sense and prudent driving practices do more to prevent accidents and injury than all of the warnings, stickers and instructions combined.  Purchase of these items is equivalent to signing and agreement that you have read the entire listing and understand the laws in your area.

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