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EZGO PowerWise Charger Relay repair service

EZGO PowerWise Charger Relay repair service

This relay replaces the relay on the circuit board in your EZGO PowerWise charger that won't come on.  In order to determine if this is the part you need, you will need to test your charger first.  The following instruction on how to test the relay should only be performed in a controled environment by somone familiar with electronics operation.  You are dealing with 120V of electricity and improper connection can and will cause a fire or further damage to your charger!  

To test your charger to see if the relay has caused your failure, simply take the two connections on the relay off and safely attach them to each other creating a solid cable.  You can do this with a jumper or a set of alligator clips.  Putting those two wires together will eliminate the control board from the circuit and and make your charger instantly on upon plugging it in.  I must stress this is not a safe way to continuously operate a charger, this is only for very brief testing to locate a failure.  Now when you plug in your cart if the charger is working as normal, you know you most likely have a failed relay on your board.  The factory relay is soldered in place with four pins, as well as having an adhesive holding it to the board.  It takes some vigilant effort to get the adhesive to release the relay, but with care it can be done without damaging the board.  Once the old relay is removed, the new one need not be installed with any new adhesive.  Just solder in a new relay and reinstall the control board!  If you cannot get it to come off, I also offer a mail in service where I will rebuild the board for you.  I am always available for assistance via email and offer excellent support to all my customers!  I can't guarantee you this is 100% the cause of your issue, but in about 95% of cases the relay is the only part that has failed.  I have been working on and repairing carts and chargers for many, many years now and all my knowledge comes from firsthand experience!

If your relay fails the test and is the cause of your issue, but you aren't confident enough to replace it on your own this service requires you to take out the circuit board and mail it to me.  I will replace the relay and return the board to you (usually in 48 hours or less)

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