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EZGO RXV Security System

EZGO RXV Security System

Security system for EZGO RXV ONLY.  This system will add a remote operated "kill" to your golf cart.  The cart will be completely disabled and locked in place unless the key is used to activate the system.  Secure your cart against joyriders and potential thieves.  Installation is intermediate, rating a 2 on the 1-3 scale.  The scale is as follows;

1) Beginner level

2) Intermediate level

3) Expert level

The level 2 intermediate can be done by anyone who considers themselves the handyman type.  Those who cringe at electrical work should not attempt.

We always recommend professional installation, however we understand there are DIY'ers out there who enjoy working on their carts!  The installation manual is written in simple, common man's terms and does not read like an astrophysics book from MIT.  It includes full color photos for each step.


    $150.00 Regular Price
    $135.00Sale Price
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