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EZGO TXT36 PDS Power Package
  • EZGO TXT36 PDS Power Package

    This power package for EZGO TXT PDS carts includes a full set of 2 gauge battery cables and a high speed magnet.  This is for first generation PDS ONLY. (Second gen starts in about 2013 for the 48 volt carts) You can choose the color of your cable.  Black, Blue, Green, Red and Yellow are available.  Top speeds vary based on age and condition of battery pack, front end alignment, tire pressure, state of charge and even the windshield being up or down.  Most users will experience an increase of speed over the freedom harness of 2-3 mph.  That may not sound like much, but for a cart that tops out at 17 mph, a 3 mph increase is 17%!  Some users have reported speeds in excess of 25 MPH, however that is not typical.  There is no way to judge what your increase will be other than trying it.

    The 2 gauge cable kit will be the last you'll need to buy for that cart with proper care and maintenance.  2 gauge cable can handle speeds in excess of 40 MPH on a cart without having overheating issues.

      PriceFrom $130.00
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