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Yamaha G29 Lithium Conversion accessory kit
  • Yamaha G29 Lithium Conversion accessory kit

    This is what we call the Lithium Battery Installers Accessory kit.  Included in the kit will be:

    1) A gauge pod  to allow you to mount your gauge in a professional looking manner without drilling lots of holes in your cart.

    2) 120V adapter plate.  This plate allows the factory charger port to be removed and this plate installed in its place.  This will allow you to mount your charger on board so that it is always with the cart and you can charge anywhere you can find a plug.

    3) 120 plug assembly.  This plug is designed to fit pefectly into the adapter plate.  It screws into the plate with three predrilled holes.  You will mount your charger in your battery bay and plug it into this adapter.  Then going forward all you need is an extension cord to charge your cart anywhere.  We recommend carrying a 25 foot cord under your seat.


    These three items help clean up the lithium install.  Some of the battery vendors sell just the 120V plug adapter for more than this whole kit.   The 120V plug is waterproof by design.  Please don't use those awful plug ends you see at the hardware store that you have to cut your charger's cord and screw it down to the plug.  That stuff is not waterproof, can come loose over time and has the potential to start a fire.  We dont want to see anyone suffer damage due to a cheap adapter plug.


    The color plates shown in photo three are some of the color options we have.  If you do not see the color option you would like listed, emails us to find out if we have it.  We have most any available color.  We have some specialty colors such as silver metallic.  We also have the ability to do multicolor prints.  Those are not listed but can be requested.  Multicolor prints do cost more due to the extended amount of time it takes to make them.


    These are the parts we use in the shop when we do lithium conversions and everyone loves it.  We are now offering it for public sale.  If you have any questions, please email us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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